The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) has the authority under Regulation 417 of the Farm Products Marketing Act (FPMA) to establish regulations providing for the control and regulation of producing and marketing greenhouse vegetables.

These general regulations cover matters such as licensing, fees, pricing and contracting, together with dispute resolution in these areas, in regards to both producing and marketing greenhouse vegetables. The OGVG Board of Directors annually reviews, amends as appropriate, and approves the General Regulations for OGVG.

1. Farm Products Marketing Act

Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC)

The OFPMC serves to oversee, monitor and supervise Ontario’s regulated marketing system. In this capacity, the Commission supervises the OGVG and serves to assist the Grower Board to ensure it operates within the powers and authorities of the Act and Regulations while serving the interests and needs of its stakeholders.

Farm Products Marketing Act: The OGVG is constituted as a Local Board under the Farm Products Marketing Act (FPMA) and the Regulations. It is the policy of the OGVG Board of Directors that the OGVG and Management comply with the Act at all times.

i) Regulation 400 of the FPMA outlines corporate matters concerning the operation of all Grower Boards including officer positions, meetings of directors, transaction of business, financial management and meetings of members. The OGVG Board of Directors makes local Board Regulations and manages its affairs in accordance with the framework established by this Regulation.

ii) Regulation 417 of the FPMA outlines the plan for controlling and regulating the marketing of greenhouse vegetables. It provides the powers of OGVG control over the production and sale of greenhouse vegetables including the establishment of fees, the licensing of producers and first receiver buyers, the terms of trade in greenhouse vegetables, including delivery and pricing, and the establishment of an Advisory Committee.

iii) Regulation 418 of the FPMA outlines the electoral representation plan for the OGVG, including a definition of membership and composition of the Board of Directors.


2. OGVG General Regulations
Below you will find the OGVG General  Regulations, Regulated Marketing Acts and Regulations, Schedules C to K Farm Products Marketing Act.