Ontario Growers

The ancient Romans conducted the first experiments with greenhouse horticulture about 2,000 years ago. In the 19th century, during the Victorian period, the sector began to expand as it became possible to properly control ventilation, heating and irrigation.

Shortly after World War II, families from Italy and Holland came to Ontario and started growing greenhouse vegetables. The area is currently enjoying 3rd and 4th generation growers and is known as the heart of the greenhouse sector in Canada. Currently, the sector boasts 2,067 acres in production of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.  Ontario’s vegetable greenhouses are located province-wide.


Vegetable Production & Distribution

Ontario is a North American leader in greenhouse vegetable production, with 2,067 acres devoted to tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. All Ontario greenhouse vegetable marketers/shippers and growers are required to go through a third party certification process to ensure all the required steps are taken to reduce food safety related risks. Our shippers are FDA registered and bonded ensuring on-time delivery of our fresh products with no unnecessary border delays or inspection problems.


Some Facts About The Industry

Ontario greenhouse vegetable growers are located throughout Ontario. Essex County Ontario has the highest concentration of vegetable greenhouses in Canada.

What makes Ontario greenhouse produce unique?
  • Ontario greenhouse produce is grown using hydroponics. This means they are grown using water and nutrients, rather than soil.
  • We have 2067 acres of greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers in Ontario. On each acre, we can grow 10 times the amount that other conventionally grown commodities can grow!
  • Our producers utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM), bringing insects that are found throughout nature and place them in greenhouses. Essentially, the good bugs help to manage the bad bugs!
  • Our producers were one of the first grower groups in North America to regulate food safety in the sector. They must all have a yearly third party audit to ensure that they are following important food safety standards.
  • Ontario producers are less than one day’s drive from the majority of markets they serve in Canada and the US.
  • For more information, please see the OGVG Fact Sheet Below.